How to Tell If Your Commercial Premises Requires Repainting

31 December 2018
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The longevity of your business property's paint job will depend on several factors. From the prevailing climatic conditions to the quality of paint supplies that were employed, the rate at which your walls deteriorate can vastly vary from those of another property. Nevertheless, running a business can be incredibly time consuming, which makes it easy to overlook simple things as the kerb appeal of your property. Before you know it, the exterior of your office building appears decrepit, and this can have an adverse impact on the impression your business makes on potential customers. To retain a professional appearance, here are telltale indicators that your commercial premises are in dire need of repainting.


While this is one of the first indicators of a declining paint job, it tends to be overlooked as people view it as a cosmetic flaw. In truth, fading paint means much more than the colour looking old. Paint is designed to protect your exterior walls from premature deterioration, primarily from exposure to precipitation as well as ultraviolet rays. Therefore, when the paint is looking worse for wear, it means your building is no longer receiving the protection it needs, and this has to be remedied post haste.


Have you noticed back dots unexplainable black dots on your walls? These stains are not minor discolourations, but are a clear sign of mould breeding in your walls. And when fuzzy growths accompany the black spores, it is time to seek professional help. First, you need your building inspected for mould and have the fungi remediated as soon as possible, or you could be putting your workers at risk of respiratory problems. Second, you should hire a plumber to determine the source of the leak and fix it so that this does not become a recurrent problem. Lastly, as you have the walls repainted, it is essential to deliberate on ways to increase the ventilation in your building because poor circulation is one of the conditions needed for the spread of mould.


Another blatant sign of the need for commercial repainting is the appearance of cracks. At the onset, you may think that the small, spidery cracks forming on the walls are not a serious problem. But as this "alligatoring" worsens, the cracks will begin to expose your walls' substrate. Cracking can be indicative of various issues including (but not limited to) water damage, termites, fungi and so on. Thus, before you have the building repainted, ensure you have the structural condition of the property investigated, too.