Cutting Edge Techniques to Get the Edges of Your Painted Walls Perfect

26 July 2017
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If you're painting a room, one of the most challenging areas to get right is the edge along the ceiling and the baseboards. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Remove the Baseboards

For the bottom edge of the wall, it always helps to remove the baseboards. Then, you only have to get the paint relatively close to the flooring, and you don't need to worry about getting the edge straight. When you replace the baseboards, it will look perfect.

2. Use Tape

If you can't remove the baseboards or you're working on the edge near the ceiling, consider using tape. Take your time putting on the tape, make sure that it is flush and straight with your edge. Then, as you paint, you use the tape as a guide.

Make sure that the paint is pushed down tightly. If the tape is loose, paint may bleed underneath it, and that can create an uneven line. Also, remove the tape whilst the paint is still slightly tacky. If you wait until the paint is completely dry, you may rip off chunks of paint while you're removing the tape.

3. Try a Unique Brush

In lieu of using tape, you may want to just paint the edge by hand. An angled brush can help. These brushes aren't straight like most brushes, rather the bristles are cut at an angle. Make sure the brush has just a bit of paint on it, and orient the tip toward the edge you're painting.

Alternatively, there are finishing brushes that can also work for this purpose. They are shaped like an artist's paintbrush, and they allow you to create a finer line than a standard paint brush. Again, don't put too much brush on the paint, or you'll end up with a messy final result.

4. Work Slowly and Steadily

Whether you decide to use tape or paint the edge by hand, it's critical to work slowly and steadily. Leave ample time for the edges of your wall. This is the part of the wall that will take the longest to do, and rushing through the job will result in uneven edges or splatters on your ceiling or flooring.

In some cases, it may take you as long or even longer to do the edges than it takes to paint the whole rest of the wall.

5. Hire a Professional

If you really want to get your edges perfect, you should hire a professional commercial painter. Professional painters know how to get the edges of your walls perfect. Contact a painter for more details today.