Common Problems People Have When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

17 May 2016
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So your kitchen could do with a makeover, but you are seriously low on funds. Fortunately, a pot of paint is never more than a trip to the home and garden centre away, and a simple lick of paint across your kitchen cabinets can do wonders to totally lift the whole room. The only problem is that painting kitchen cabinets isn't actually that simple. In fact, it can be quite challenging. Many first timers who try to tackle the job make the following mistakes, which you should avoid at all costs.

Putting your kitchen cabinets back prematurely. It isn't fun to have a kitchen without cabinet doors, and thus many people rush to put the cabinet doors back on after their painting job. The paint might well be dry a day after you have put your paintbrushes down, but it won't be cured. When paint is cured, it has reached its full depth, and though it might look dry a day afterward, the colour could still be altered if it comes into contact with something like steam from your kettle. In that case, you would have to sand down the paint job and get your brushes out all over again.

Choosing the wrong paint colour. Theoretically, any paint colour could work in a kitchen, but when a paint colour doesn't feel right for you, it's just never going to work. With a small wall, painting, and then repainting can be an option, but kitchen cabinets are a lot more intricate than a flat wall, and the paint job is, therefore, quite a bit trickier. You don't want to spend days painting your cabinets only to realise that the colour doesn't work after all. Start by painting one cabinet, live with it for a little while, and see you how you feel about it before completing the entire paint job.

You skip the primer. Before you paint your cabinets, they need to be sanded down, and a layer of primer should be applied. Without the primer, the colour of the paint can look uneven, you might see brush strokes on the surface of the cabinets, and the paint could even flake off prematurely. With primer, your paint job is simply going to look more professional.

As you can gather, painting kitchen cabinets requires more skill than painting a wall, and hiring a professional painter for the job can save your time, your energy, and the problems you could encounter listed above. 

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