Tips on How to Remove Masking or Painter's Tape after Painting

21 April 2016
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When doing a paint job, masking tapes and painter's tapes could go a long way in making your work easier. This is because they offer a reliable way of guarding cabinets and other fixtures in the house that you are not willing to paint. However, the task of removing these tapes after the job is done isn't as easy as it seems; it is a job that requires precise timing. If you remove the tape too soon, the paint may not remain in a smooth state because it would have lacked enough time to dry. If you delay too much, the tape's adhesive may harden and stick to the surface. With a few tips on your fingertips, though, you can pull the job off efficiently.

1. Remove The Tape At A 45-Degree Angle

Remove the tape after the last coat of paint has dried up. Hold the tape's end at a 45-degree angle away from the painted area before pulling it. If the tape is at the bottom of your painted area, pull it downward at a 45-degree angle to minimize the chances of the paint peeling off. If the tape is at the top of the painted area, pull it at the same angle but upward.

2. Pull The Tape At A Steady, Controlled Rate

Remove the tape gently and at a steady, controlled rate. You risk removing some of the paint along with the tape if you remove the tape quickly. Going too slow doesn't have advantages either; the tape may leave some sticky residue (adhesive) behind.  

3. Use A Putty Knife To Score The Edges

Despite your best efforts of preventing the paint from pulling up along with the tape, it may still happen. If so, run a utility knife or putty knife along the edge of the tape, just where it meets the paint. The knife will cut through the paint and will also allow you to pull off the tape without having to worry about any paint coming off.

After removing the tape, the adhesive of the tape may still be there. The adhesive doesn't pose any sort of danger to your paint, but still, it would be perfect if your job contained no blemishes. You can get rid of the adhesive by rubbing it off with your fingers until you can longer feel it, or you can opt to apply a fresh tape over the adhesive. The adhesive should come off with the new tape when you pull it off.

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